• Sheri Herndon

Feeling Really Ready!

My theme for the past few years has been all about embodiment....moving more fully into my body as a way of knowing and stepping past concept into really knowing things – clairgnosis. Incarnating my divinity in this body, in this lifetime. To be a vessel for life to flow through to be of service. This has opened up senses in me that I can only describe as new ways of receiving information and sensing alignment and truth and ability to tune in – to be in flow with the higher harmonics of life.. As if my body is a tuning fork with many different resonances that can naturally pick up frequencies – I believe this is our birthright. And sometimes with this next level of embodiment, there will be energy coming in that I absolutely do not understand or can't make sense of, and I am learning to allow it to be, to sit with the mystery, to hold it gently and to trust. When sacred life force moves from the formless into the form, into this form, here and now there isn't always a neat tidy description I can give to it. We can’t name it or place it in a box to conceptualize it. So we must surrender and allow it to be. I'm discovering that it is in this gap where I can feel and integrate at new levels. It is humbling and exciting to be this present and this aware. This year it continues with embodiment and devotion and freedom and harmony and profound readiness for what is coming.

My birthday is in 13 days, I am a 22, a master builder. No wonder I associate myself as an evolutionary social architect. In the month leading into my solar return, I have been doing substantial and deep reflection around all the amazing culture creation, conscious systems design, reinhabiting of the old systems with new consciousness initiatives that seem to be surrounding me on all sides. It is a regeneration festival. From my viewpoint from this level of the gestalt, everything is synergistic, everything is innovating at the edge of human and social potential, with deep roots into that which is the good, true and beautiful.....

And I can feel the whole meta-design (I've done that my whole life) and I can see it. This FELT sense as a clairsentient, it's how the information and clairgnosis comes in as well. It's nothing new, but it's getting clearer and clearer and closer and closer. And so things that once were the things I paid more attention to, like more dramatic themes of cultural dynamics, don't interest me as much or occupy my energy (even if they are important and I’m happy some people are ON that area).

Rather I am drawn toward the subtle, toward the trim tabs, toward the subtle interventions that can shift things elegantly at the root, at the causal level, in the field. The coherent energetics of a system that must be in place, at least the basics, in order for a collective design flow to take place at the social systems level. I call this the core of the fractal practice. In these times, we are practitioners in the new paradigm. No one gets to enter into this field without needing to do serious practice. It’s all too new to have crossed the threshold with a lot of experience already under your belt. We need to activate communities of practice and admit we need to practice together that which we are just learning!

Coherence is not well understood as applied within design systems....and yet it is profoundly important. In a time when we are sitting inside a narrow chaos window opportunity for our interventions (remember what Brian Arthur of the Sante Fe Institute said about the quality of the intervention being directly related to the consciousness of the intervenor.....which is related to Einstein's well known statement about the consciousness that created the problem cannot be the same consciousness that solves it; well sometimes the fish does not know that it's in water that it assumes it understands.)

We are in the time when worldviews are needing to be shifted. Elegantly. And an inquiry that is a worthy one for collective contemplation is how can we create the conditions in which the consciousness can be radically shifted and not just as a state change...but a stage shift.

This is one of my many favorite topics and sometimes I do feel a bit like I'm roaming around along in some gorgeous wild garden without any paths......and I'm finding my way. I keep running into amazing people and gathering around little oases and sipping from streams and sleeping under gorgeous cedar trees, and then sometimes I'm in a desert. But right now, I feel the fullness of the moment. A precious rebirthing for humanity. Feeling really ready!

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