• Sheri Herndon

Awakening Together!

Dear family,

It is with great honor and excitement, that I announce that today I am launching Awakening Together, a new space in the story commons meant to inspire and catalyze and share what has heart and meaning to me with all of you!

I've been doing media since 1992 and was the news director for 4 years at a public radio station, started a nonprofit in 1995 called Earth on the Air Independent Media that still is alive (without me) and Seattle Independent Media Coalition that brought together all the different multimedia independent media makers in Seattle, then Indymedia, an open source open publishing platform that launched citizen journalism worldwide (according to Adbusters and many others).....then after a break for some years to dive into social process arts and organizational development and convening new kinds of gatherings, I launched with Erik Lawyer "Heart of It All" on 11/11/11. That show I hosted and produced for 6 years and in 2017 that came to an end as well. All things have their cycle.

So on 2/22/22 I am now launching into the world Awakening Together. A dream come true built on so many visions and aspirations to step back into the new paradigm storytelling field. Here we are. This would not have happened without Benjamin Life whose design genius (he did the logo and the website) and tech wizardry actually made it all visible. True cocreation at work. For which I am eternally grateful. He was also the coproducer with me of Cocreating a Generative Future for the World Unity Week. That told us yep we know how to cocreate in flow with each other.

This has been born out of joy and our shared passion and dharma. Awakening Together is a project of MetaTao, a whole system design studio. Soon, we'll be launching other media initiatives to uplift the conversations that can shift humanity.

This is the humble beginning and I am so grateful for the beauty that shines through this site and through the first episode with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman on Becoming Future Humans. I hope you enjoy it.

We're still working through early prototyping and I welcome all your feedback. You can subscribe to my newsletter which will announce upcoming shows, future Clubhouse conversations and share some writings and musings. I look forward to interviewing some of you and I welcome your reaching out. Soon there will be a form for that as well. Step by elegant step.

My prayer is that these shows support humanity in navigating through these days, through the risks and into the greatest potential. I'm a futurist who is grounded as an optimystic and a lover of God and the divine in all life.

We are live on youtube, all the different podcast platforms and also on Omnipresent Media channel on Roku , Apple TVOS and Amazon Firestick Internationally.

We're still tweaking the site. Please be patient with us and me.

I love you and am grateful to also serve in this way!

And remember - subscribe and share spreading the good news! #awakeningtogether

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