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Futurist / Educator / Catalyst for Transformation
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Welcome beautiful friends, cocreators, innovators, wild ones, and lovers of the earth! 


I’m delighted you are here.  Soon to launch is my new online space for sharing stories, offerings, and inspiration with you.  We are about to launch so stay tuned and sign up for my email list.  Gifts and gems of insights and inspiration are coming your way as we create a wisdom culture and civilization worthy of who we truly are! 

In the simplest terms, I believe in a world that works for all and I’m here to midwife an enlightened civilization.  I’ve spent the last few decades prototyping, exploring trim around systems thinking, generative learning, community building, new paradigm storytelling.  I am a future creative who wants everyone to live into their greatest potential.  I live inside the question, what’s possible now, what are we capable of, who are we becoming that is in our highest good.  I’m devoted to hacking the culture code for a more beautiful world.  I’m an evolutionary strategist who can’t help but see the whole system that is seeking to emerge.  As one of my mentors named, “you hold the sacred evolutionary gestalt of the new paradigm.”

Thank you for all you are doing and being and for arriving here.  I take it as a gift that you’ve shown up.  My mission is simple: to cocreate Heaven on Earth in our lifetime and activate and embody our true social potential as the Life Divine!  I am here to serve all life in many ways and to join with other incredible humans along the way in bringing our dreams into reality and to shine our light out in the world!

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Forest Path


Awakening Together Podcast 

A New Space in the Story Commons Hosted by

Sheri Herndon

Beginning February 22, 2022 

Private Session


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Sheri Herndon, more than anyone else I know, holds the sacred evolutionary gestalt of the new paradigm.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Global Visionary and Futurist,

Founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

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Sheri Herndon


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