Welcome beautiful friends, cocreators, innovators, wild ones and lovers of the earth!  I’m delighted you are here.  Soon to launch is my new online space for sharing stories, offerings and inspiration with you.  We are about to launch so stay tuned and sign up for my email list.  Gifts and gems of insights and inspiration are coming your way as we create a wisdom culture and civilization worthy of who we truly are! 

"I believe that a more advanced generation of institutions must be led by what I call 'Stage IV' leaders.  Stage IV leaders (and organizations) embody the characteristics and values of servant leaders, but have matured to a more comprehensive and subtle level of development.  They exhibit a capacity for extraordinary functioning and performance.  At the heart of this kind of performance is a capacity for accessing tacit knowing that can be used for breakthrough thinking, strategy formation, and innovation, including envisioning and creating the kind of institution or society we desire.  Stage IV leaders believe there is an underlying intelligence within the universe, which is capable of guiding us and preparing us for the futures we must create.  They combine their cognitive understanding of the world around them with a strong personal sense of possibility - the possibility of actualizing hidden potentials lying dormant in the universe, a view that carries with it the power to change the world as we know it."

~ Joseph Jaworski

Thank you for all you are doing and being and for arriving here.  I take it as a gift that you’ve shown up.  My mission is simple: to cocreate Heaven on Earth in our lifetime and activate and embody our true social potential as the Life Divine!  I am here to serve all life in many ways and to join with other incredible humans along the way in bringing our dreams into reality and to shine our light out in the world!

We have the capacity to extend our own coherence into the environment through our intention and way of being.

~ Joseph Jaworski